If you’d like to rent the perfect vacation home on Lake Norman, you’ll want to ask a number of questions to help ensure you have a great vacation. Here are just tips on How to Find a Lake Norman Vacation Rental Home:

  1. Are there things to do at the house? What activities exist at or near the vacation home? Is there a fire pit? Games?  A movie theatre? A beach area? Outdoor ping pong? Kayaks?
  2. Is your Lake Norman vacation rental in a private setting? Some neighbors are very close (and not all are happy about their neighbors renting their homes).
  3. Is the water in front of the home of adequate depth? Some vacation rental homes on Lake Norman are in coves and may have shallow water in late summer in a dry year.
  4. Is the boat traffic heavy in front of the vacation home? In some areas, particularly in the southern part of the lake, the boat traffic can be very heavy on weekends?
  5. Is the owner service oriented? If an owner doesn’t return your calls or emails promptly BEFORE they have your money, imagine how service-oriented they’ll be (or not be) after they have payment.

Lake Norman is a fabulous lake. Picking a vacation rental home on Lake Norman can be a tricky experience. Ask owners lots of questions and make sure the reviews on the home are positive. Learn from others’ experience! We’d like to think that the Carolina Hideaway® is the ideal vacation home on Lake Norman. We look forward to helping you and your family create once-in-a-lifetime memories at our home — and then having you back year after year to do it again! We look forward to seeing you on your Lake Norman vacation!