Renting a Vacation home on Lake Norman can be a very simple process. That said, renting the wrong home can mean for a disappointing vacation for your family. Here are the five things to consider when determining which home to rent on Lake Norman.

  1. How much privacy will you have? Many homes are on small lots, with neighbors who are not excited about renters. The size of the homesite really matters, as you will not be excited about unfriendly neighbors during your vacation trip.
  2. On what part of Lake Norman will your rent? The closer you are to Charlotte, the more crowded you will find the lake to be, particularly on the weekend. If you rent a vacation home north of mile marker 12, you will find the lake much less crowded and enjoyable for your boating and swimming.
  3. Are you renting a true vacation home? Some homeowners on Lake Norman today try to rent homes they can’t sell, or they just try to rent a couple weeks a year to make a little money.  They are not renting homes that are thoughtfully set up as rentals. These homes are typically not well equipped, so you could end up with a frustrating Lake Norman vacation rental experience, if you rent a home without a successful track record of rentals.
  4. How customer service oriented is the owner? With some vacation rental homes on Lake Norman, you will find the owner to be very responsive. In other cases, it will take a day or two to get a response to your call or email. The responsiveness of the owner will matter greatly if you have any unexpected challenges during your rental. The responsiveness of the home owner should be an important consideration in your Lake Norman home rental.

Lake Norman is a wonderful place. Renting a home on the lake can the perfect vacation for you and your family. Call Pat at Carolina Hideaway® at 513-225-3513 or contact us online and let us help you create your perfect family vacation.